Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting

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When working in spaces for long periods of time there can be a number of hazards. Kitchens, warehouse and shop floors are designed for durability not comfort. Which can make it unpleasant when working for long periods of time.
To reduce injuries and strain caused by standing manual handling Australia supplies 2 different types of anti-fatigue mats, these are   anti- fatigue safety cushion and matting and the anti-fatigue comfit tread matting.  These solutions offer you the most effective options to support your staff and prevent injuries from long spells of standing up. All of our anti-fatigue mats are designed to be safe for any work environment.
Manual Handling Australia Ribbed entrance matting and Safety message matting are great for entrance into a building warehouse or hazardous area. Our ribbed entrance matting is effected and economical mat for medium traffic areas; the coarse fibers scrape dirt and debris from shoes. These come in a variety of different colours.
With PVC Tubular matting our Tube tred matting can be cut to any length or shape. It has a soft surface and is drain and resists oils chemicals and alkalis. It is ideal for wet areas such as bars, boats, commercial kitchens and swimming pools.
We also provide Custom logo matting this is a fantastic way to get your message across to everyone that comes through your door. With its hard wearing nylon plush pile it makes for a clean cut image with a long life.
If your workers are spending a lot of time on their feet, think about how Manual Handling Australia anti-fatigue and safety range of matting can make their workspace safer and more comfortable.

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