Electric and Manual Pallet Jacks

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Manual Handling Australia offers a high durable range of electric and manual pallet trucks. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, which can meet your requirements.
The 2500kg Powered coated Pallet Trucks comes with a maintenance free pump which are all made using high quality parts and German seal kits and are fitted with long life rollers and steering wheels. These pallet trucks are available in standard size 680mm wide, Euro pallet size 520mm and small skid size 450mm wide.it also comes with 12 months warranty.
Our Pallet Trucks are available in 2000kg and 2500kg capacities. These are used for moving very heavy loads and items.
To ensure workers are never strained, an Electric Pallet Truck is an easy solution. These models are compact and robust, designed for use in tight applications. Lifting is electrically powered, along with the drive, making it easy to handle heavy weights up to 1,500kg. A powerful 24 volt , ensures superior performance.
For larger workplaces and warehouses where pallets need to be transported long distances the Stand-On Electric Pallet Truck is an outstanding performer. The weight capacity of ride-on models is up to 2000kg. This pallet truck will avoid the strain of manual pallet trucks by using this electric stand on battery electric pallet truck.
If you’d like assistance with selecting Electric and manual pallet jacks  or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Manual Handling Australia Team are happy to help please contact is on 02 8865 1850 or email sales@manualhandling.net.au

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