Step Ladders, Metal and Plastic Step Stools

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Manual Handling Australia offer a wide selection of Step Ladders, Metal and Plastic Step Stools, these can be used in offices, Libraries, warehouses, retail and hospitality. Our Range includes Aluminium step up, heavy duty safety step ladders, Rolling metal Step Stool and plastic Step Stools.
Our Aluminium Step-Up offers are ideal access solution for outdoor use or in food preparation areas when hose down is required.  Its strong aluminium construction makes it very safe access equipment. It offers a load carrying capacity of 150kgs and height of 360mm but there is an option to have adjustable height. All these features make the Aluminium Step-up a must have equipment for shops, warehouses and stores.
The Heavy Duty Safety step ladders have extra-large steps instead of narrow rungs which provide safety and comfort when in use, it has been engineered with lightweight yet sturdy aluminium construction.
Made up of powdercoated construction the Rolling Metal Step Stool is the most popular in our range. The base of the step diameter is 290mm 5 and the top diameter is 290mm. This design gives it stability in all sorts of working environments. Having spring loaded castors for rolling which spring upwards when you step on the stool make It highly mobile on all kinds of surfaces. It can easily handle weight up to 250kgs
Ideal for offices, libraries, and archive areas with strong plastic construction with non-slip steps we offer plastic step stools coming available in 2 models general purpose and heavy duty for more demanding applications. These steps come with an extra wide base of 500mmthat gives them stability in highly demanding work environments. The stepping board is made of anti-slip material to provide safety to users.
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