Waste Bins and Bin Lifting Equipment

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Manual Handling Australia holds a unique position in the market having strong relationships with major manufacturers and suppliers including Otto and Dumpmaster to provide a comprehensive range of Waste Bins and Lifting Equipment.
We provide a comprehensive range of waste handling and equipment this includes, Plastic wheelie binsSecurity bin stands, bin lifter, Dumpmaster,  forklift waste tipping bins, capacity rollover bins, drop bottom bins, hopper bins and forklift wheelie bin tippers.
The Dumpmaster wheelie-bin tippers are the ultimate solution to empty bins and drums weighing up to 300kg at virtually any height. The tipping action of a Dumpmaster is one of the safest, most efficient, and easiest to use systems in the world. Dumpmasters are highly versatile and can be used in numerous applications.
Our plastic wheelie bins come in 3 standard sizes they are manufactured from high density polyethylene and resistant to decay, heat, frost, chemicals and UV rays. Bins can be ordered in seperate colours to the lid colour (e.g. red bin with blue lid).
We Supply forklift skip bins these Light weight and cost effective bins are suitable for goods transport, storage or waste. Fitted with Forklift carriage, these Bins are designed for manual push over. There are Wheels are fitted as standard, 2 front and 1 swivel at the rear. This allows for easy maneuvering. It is supplied with Safety Chain for securing to Forklift and a zinc plated finish.
For more information on waste handling bins and equipment contact our friendly staff on 02 8865 1850 or email sales@manualhandling.net.au  

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