2 and 3 Level Trolleys

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Manual Handling Australia supply and manufacture a huge selection of 2 and 3 level trolleys. Our range of 2 and 3 level trolleys allow you to handle objects in a safe, easy manner in all workplace environments. They are tough metal construction and are easy to use with high mobility.  Our selections of trolleys are available with quality wheels, various shapes sizes and can cater to different requirements for the client.
The 2 and 3 level trolleys are designed for optimum performance, maneuverability and placements of loads. There are additional feature already built in these are storage tray in the handle and rounded edges.  Manual Handling Australia provides and exclusive range of 2 and 3 level trolleys to our clients.
Our 2 level trolleys allow clients to place objects on either the top or bottom. The Multi-purpose 2 tier trolleys have metal cages around them which keep smaller objects from sliding or falling out. Our ranges of 2 level trolleys include 2 handles which are located at either end of the platforms and castor wheels making it easy to manoeuvre.
We provide a highly versatile range of 3 level trolleys. Our 3 level trolleys allows clients to carry large quantity of materials a lot more simple and easier.  With the segregated tiers it allows for objects to be kept separate. They are  ergonomically designed with handles at optimum heights. 3 Tier Trolleys are widely used in various industries are highly praised among our customers.
If you would like assistance with selecting a trolley our friendly staff are happy to answer questions about our range of 2 and 3 level trolleys talk to us today for a free custom quote, or general advice.

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