Sheet and Panel Trolleys

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Manual Handling Australia Sheet and panel trolley’s provides business with a selection of products when it comes to moving large materials. They are a perfect solution for business coming in 5 different varieties these includes A Frame Panel Cart, Galvanised Panel Trolley, Heavy Duty Panel Rack, Rubbermaid Panel Cart and Steel Panel Rack. These are  very economical and an extremely sturdy range panel cart trolleys.


The Galvanised Panel Trolley is ideal for large bulky goods including timber, sheets, plaster board and Mattress. With safety and mind, it has a load capacity of 300kg and comes standard with 4 Swivel castor wheels and 2 fixed large centre wheels for easy turning and tight areas. 


Our Panel Carts are made from mild steel which are powder coated and have a load capacity up to 2000kg. These panel carts come standard with 4 castors wheel 2 swivel and 2 fixed which makes it easy for manoeuvring throughout your workplace.


We have a variety of steel panel carts available  an A-Frame Panel Cart which has a sloped ‘A’ frame in the middle of the trolley so that items can be stored on both sides on the trolley.


Manual Handling Australia standard panel carts have 2 divisions to store moving doors, wood, window frame and other materials which are hard to handle items. We also have a steel panel cart with a plastic tool bin which is ideal for use in areas where other smaller tools and items can be securely stored during transit.

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