Towing Tugs and Load Moving Skates

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Manual Handling Australia supply a range of towing tugs and load moving skates. These come in a variety of configurations, styles and load carrying capacities. These are perfect of every workplace where there is a requirement for moving heavy loads.
Load Skates are low profile load movers. They are designed to facilitate the moving and positioning of a wide range of loads such as heavy equipment, machinery and Workshop equipment. With an optional turntable and steering handle available. Manual Handling Australia stock 3 different Load Skates these are, Roller Load Skates, Shifting Skates and 3 Tonne Steerable Skates.
 Manual Handling Australia‚Äôs  Tow tugs are battery-powered electric tugs which improve operational efficiency; it reduces manual handling and promotes lean manufacturing across many industries. Tow tugs that Manual Handling Supply are great for moving dollies, trolleys and roll cages throughout the warehouse, workshop or shopping centers. It has a compact design which makes it easy to transport in vehicles. Non marking tyres are also available.

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