Lifting Equipment & Forklift Attachments

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Lifting equipment and forklift attachments consist of electric and manual pallet jacks, electric lifters and fork stackers, forklift jibs and attachments, dock levelers pallet lifters and elevators, scissor lift tables and trolleys, pallets lifting hooks and slings, fork tines and other attachments, manual stacking and lifting equipment, pallet turntables and pallet dispensers.

Our huge range has been designed to increase the efficiency and safety of your workplace.  You can choose from a wide range of brands from SMI, Mobicrane pronomic, Liftex, Lift assist, Quick Stack Bishmon and Edmo lift.

The Quickstak Smart Stackers are the ideal solution to many manual handling problems especially when product is being loaded onto or unloaded from pallets. With weight capacities from one tonne to 1.5 tonnes, and a unique modular construction, Quikstak ‘smart-stackers’ virtually eliminate bending and lifting, and bring about a significant improvement in overall productivity and efficiency.
 Our Bishamon Pneumatic Rotating Pallet Positioner  are designed to eliminate worker bending by automatically raising and lowering pallets during loading or unloading without the use of mechanical springs, motors or hydraulics. It can handle a wide range of weight capacities from 110 kilos to 1800 kilos.
Manual Handling Australia’s  Edmo lift Armlift and Dock Tables offers an ergonomic workplace with ample foot space, comfortable working positions and unrivalled accessibility. Armlift is the perfect choice for almost all workplaces that handle goods and components on pallets, in baskets or containers.
We can customise existing or make a particular lifting device to suit your particular requirements. We have a huge selection of Liftex products. These products are designed to efficiently move a wide range of loads in your warehouse in a safe productive way.
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