Dock Levellers, Pallet Lifters and Elevators

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Manual Handling Australia offers and extensive range of dock levelers, pallet lifters and elevators.  We stock major manufactures brands such as edmo lift, Arimlif and bishamon pneumatic.  We also stock  dock levelers, loading modular dock bridge, low profile electric lift tables, spring loaded rotating pallet tables and Spring loaded tilting stand.
The  Edmo Lift Armlift and tilt table is a  unique patented function offers an ergonomic workplace with ample foot space, comfortable working positions and unrivalled accessibility. The edmo lift Armlift and tilt table  is the perfect choice for almost all workplaces that handle goods and components on pallets, in baskets or containers.
 The LoadHog is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer that mounts to the warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts and requires no concrete work. The bumper block assembly attaches to the face of the dock with four anchors per bumper
Our Spring loaded rotating pallet tables are designed to keep the active layer of the load at or above waist height eliminating bending and lifting. The construction of the pallet elevator is a scissor type action with varying springs which can be adjusted for different load capacities up to 2000kg. A turntable allows the operator to rotate the load with minimal stretching and reaching. It also has an antibounce technology to allow smooth operation as the pallet is loaded.
The popular Bishamon Pneumatic rotating pallet positioner is designed to eliminate worker bending by automatically rasing and lowering pallets during loading or unloading without the use of mechanical springs, motors or hydraulics. The Ez loader  can now handle a wide range of weight capacities from 110 kilos to 1800 kilos. It has a three position know that allows the adjustment of the collapsed capacity with out changing the air pressure. They also allow easy pallet rotation for near- side loading so the worker does not have to reach or strain.
For more information on our range of pallet elevators and lift tables please contact our sales team on 02 8865 1850

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