Forklift Jibs and Attachments

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We offer forklift and jib and attachments which are manufactured with the highest quality materials and in strict accordance with Australian Standards. Our forklift and jib attachments allow the forklift to lift loads at an extended load centre. They are very useful in areas such as factory maintenance where items such as motors, pumps require removal or placement. There are forklift attachments that can suit almost any job which will make it faster, safer and a lot less hassle.

Manual Handling Australia stock an extensive selection of forklift jibs and attachments including  bulk bag prong jibs, and flat webbing sling, polyester round slings. We also offer a variety of jib attachments.
Our range of jib attachments can give you customized material lifting solutions. We offer an array of fixed and general purpose jib attachments with a galvanised finish. The fixed jibs come in different variations of 2.0 2.5, 4.5, 7.5 and 10 tonne capacity. Our range of jib attachments are fixed short job, fixed long jib, short tilting jib, long tilting jib, Hook jib attachment, wide pocket double hook jib, battery removal jib, bulk bag hook jib, bulk bag, prong jib, and  bulk bag crane jib.

Manual Handling Australia  forklift attachments also include a variety of flat webbing slings and polyester slings that are ideal of transporting furniture, pallets of bricks and cylinders etc.
For more information on our forklift attachments contact our sales team on 02 8865 1850

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