Drum and Barrel Lifting Equipment

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Manual handling Australia supply a multiple range of Drum and Barrel Lifting Equipment. It has been designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards.Our range includes lift truck attachments, Drum transporters, drum dumpers and drum haulers. All drum transporters and drum dumpers are available in manually propelled or power travel models.  We offer many different drum lifter equipment which is designed for easy manoeuvrability.
We offer many different varieties of Drum and Barrel lifting Equipment which is operator safe, ergonomic and productive.The popular heavy duty Deluxe Drum Cradle comes with retractable handles for use on a 210 litre steel drum. It is great for moving drums around the site and to lay drums into the side position.  It has a durable Zinc Plated finish and a capacity of 300kgs.
Our electric drum lifters pickup, rotate and weigh drums using battery electric power for both up and down and for tilting. These are available for both steel and plastic drums they both come standard with drum weighing scales and a lifting spend of 120mm per second. There total capacity is 500kg.
MHA Products Steel Drum Carrier / Rotator is remarkably Versatile 210 litre Drum carrier / rotator raises,  transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully loaded drums. It can be locked in a horizontal or vertical position it can be turned end over end to agitate contents.
The Galvanised Forklift Drum Grab Attaches quickly and easily to most fork trucks, it is heavy duty welded steel construction and lifts, transports and deposits steel drums without having to leave the driver’s seat it has a total load capacity of 500kg and is available in single and double versions.
Drum and Barrel Lifting Equipment is a mechanical Equipment that is used to handle and transport Steel drums, barrels, Plastic drums and fibre drums. For more information please contact our friendly Staff on 02 8865 1850 or email sales@manualhandling.net.au

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