Wire Cages and Stillage Containers

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Manual handling Australia supply wire caged and stillage containers which offer industry revolution art designs and capacities that maximize efficiency for handling storage and logistics.
Our  IBC Bulk storage containers are designed for the sage storage, transport and dispensing of bulk materials. All IBC Bilk Storage Containers and plastic bins meet stringent quality control measures to ensure their safe application in a range of industries, including food, beverage and chemical.
We offer Bulk transportable storage containers, these bulk transportable storage containers provide a safe, secure storage and transport if dangerous and toxic chemicals. They are made from high density polyethylene, the container is encases in a heavy duty hot dipped galvainsed steel frame, with solid mesh sides and provides easy forklift access, stacking capabilities and top lift certified.
The Stackable stillage cages are an excellent for of warehouse and yard storage, Designed to store long awkward objects for easy transport, these units may be stacked to make use of vertical space in your warehouse.
For all your bulk storage container and cage needs please contact our friendly staff on 02 8865 1850 or email sales@manualhandling.net.au  

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