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Manual handling Australia supplies workplace equipment and safety products this includes Bollards, Barriers, Fencing, Pedestrian Control, carpark Safety Equipment, Weighing Scales, pallet scales, counting scales, industrial safety equipment, cabinets, personal lockers, industrial seating, anti- fatigue and safety matting, packing benches and work benches and stainless steel shelving and benches.
Workplace Equipment and safety Products are the two most important aspects of any work environment. Manual Handling Australia Supplies a comprehensive range of products and equipment for use in a wide range of industries.
Our range of barriers, bollards fencing and other workplace safety items includes expanding barriers, pedestrian event control fence, portable ecoline belt post barrier, braided ropes , wall mount retracable barrier, wall receiver,  retractable tape barrier accessories, safety guard fencing and traffic cones. 
Our wall mounts can provide excellent safety to workers in warehouses and docks as these come as retract-belt wall mount and retracta-belt magna-mount. These wall mounts are available in different lengths and therefore are useful for various different applications.
We Supply a range of heavy Duty work benches these work benches are ideal for workshops, factories, warehouse applications and hospitality. Coming with a variety of applications these include lourve panels,  stainless steel bences with splash back castor wheels and adjustable feet.
We offer a selection of  Industrial weighing scales. Our scales are extremely reliable and highly accurate in measuring your goods, with their low profile design and rechargeable batteries they are ideal for, retail, butchers and warehouses
In our endeavor to fulfill the workplace and safety equipment of industries across the board, we offer a comprehensive range of products. For more information please contact our friendly team on 02 8865 1850

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