The Schaefer Selective Pallet Racking is a straight forward, cost effective racking system which allows easy forklift access to each individual pallet. Provides optimum space utilization yet retains total product accessibility at all times. This system can be adjusted and adapted to suit different size and configurations of pallets very simply.


  • All systems supplied by MHA Products are deemed to comply with the requirements of AS 4084-2012 'Steel storage racking'
  • We are authorised to supply and install most major brands of pallet racking allowing us to provide cost effective add on and replacement solutions for existing racking structures
  • Free analysis & design service for new projects and feasibility studies
  • Full Pallet Racking inspection, reporting & repair service

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Schaefer Pallet Racking Beams

Quantity Required
Schaefer Racking Beam 1381x80mm (U Beam) -2.5T rated
Schaefer Beam 2600mm x 80mm (U Beam) -2.5T rated
Schaefer Racking Beam 2600x92mm (Box Beam) -2.5T rated
Schaefer Racking Beam 2752x92mm (Box Beam) -2.5T rated
Schaefer H/Duty Racking Beam 2600x110mm (Box Beam) -3.3T rated
Schaefer H/Duty Racking Beam 2752x110mm (Box Beam) -3.3T rated
Schaefer H/Duty Racking Beam 3900x150mm (Box Beam) -2.5T rated

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