• Heavy duty steel construction storage cages specifically designed for storage of gas cylinders
  • Dual sided feature prevents cylinders becoming inaccessible
  • Each cylinder is individually restrained by adjustable bars to suit every cylinder size
  • Crane lifting lugs
  • Fold down ramp and fork slot channels for easy moving
  • Lockable door
  • 2-pak polyurethane coated
  • Chain restraints supplied
  • Made in Australia to AS 4332


Cylinder Storage Capacity
D Size
E Size
G Size
(Tall & Skinny)
G, T & S Sizes
MDG8035 8 6 6 4
MDG8036 8 6 6 4
MDG8037 12 10 8 6
MDG8038 12 10 8 6

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Internal Size (mm)
External Size (mm)
Unit Weight
DG8035 1925x760x870 2000x860x970 100kg
DG8036 1925x760x870 2000x860x970 150kg
DG8037 1925x1130x870 2000x1230x970 130kg
DG8038 1925x1130x870 2000x1230x970 190kg


Heavy Duty Dual Sided Gas Cylinder Cages

Quantity Required
Dual Sided Cage (Open Sides)
Dual Sided Cage (Security Sides)
Dual Sided Cage (Open Sides)
Dual Sided Cage (Security Sides)

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